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61Central Turf October 28 201728th October, 2017Central Turf October 28 2017Dear Rotarians and R'Anns, It is a great feeling to be back at the helm of Central Turf again, albeit for the next three issues only. With the Diwali festivities behind us, hope all of you are recharged to re-start the ongoing projects, and begin new ones. This issue captures the spirit of Diwali, with a lot of pictures to remind us of the fabulous evening of fellowship organized by Rtn. PP Madhu Rathi and his team. Happy reading!Pune CentralClick To View
62Central Turf October 14 201714th October, 2017Central Turf October 14 2017R'Anns, Rotarians Tomorrow is one of the most eagerly looked forward to events in RCPC – the Diwali Dinner. The host group led by the able Madhu Rathi has spared no effort to make it an evening to remember. So have a good time and enjoy yourselves. Wish you and your families a very happy Diwali and prosperous new year.Pune CentralClick To View
63Central Turf October 7 20177th October, 2017Central Turf October 7 2017R'Anns, Rotarians Several of you spoke to me about "missing something" when we saw each other or talked on the phone over the last few days. The Central Turf did not come out last week as we follow hoary tradition to the "T"; no meeting, no Central Turf!! We have tried to make up somehow by this "bumper issue", after all its Diwali time and there are bumper offers galore!! Talking of bumpers, I am sure all of us are looking to the mega Diwali Dinner next week; for those who missed out the picnic and had to console themselves looking at the pictures and reading the eminently readable accounts put together by several of the R'Anns and Rotarians who were at Mahableshwar, you have one more opportunity to have a blast.:)) From our own peeping toms, we learn the redoubtable Rtn Madhu Rathi and team have spared no expense and left no stone unturned or for that matter cauldron unstirred to make the Diwali Dinner a memorable experience...... so as they say... GO FOR IT! Happy browsing.........................Pune CentralClick To View
64Central Turf September 23 201723rd September, 2017Central Turf September 23 2017R’Anns, Rotarians, The Central Turf for the week Happy browsing…..Pune CentralClick To View
65Pasaydan Ninth Issue31st October, 2017Pasaydan ninth issuePasaydan ninth issuePune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
66Pasaydan Eighth Issue8th October, 2017Pasaydan eighth issuePasaydan eighth issuePune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
67Pasaydan Seventh Issue19th September, 2017Pasaydan seventh issuePasaydan seventh issuePune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
68Pasaydan Sixth Issue6th September, 2017Pasaydan sixth issuePasaydan sixth issuePune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
69Pasaydan Fifth Issue22nd August, 2017Pasaydan fifth issuePasaydan fifth issuePune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
70Pasaydan Forth Issue8th August, 2017Pasaydan forth issueForth issue of PasaydanPune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
71PRATIMA Issue 913th November, 2017PRATIMA Issue 9This issue covers RI Theme for November - The Rotary Foundation and other interesting articles of club activities.Pune-KothrudClick To View
72DG Visit Special14th October, 2015DG visit specialNovember editionPimpriClick To View
73Nov Bulletin12th November, 2017Nov BulletinNovember BulletinPoona WestClick To View
74Bulletin Of 13th November13th November, 2017Bulletin of 13th NovemberBulletin of 13th NovemberPoonaClick To View
75Bulletin Of 6th November6th November, 2017Bulletin of 6th NovemberBulletin of 6th NovemberPoonaClick To View
76Bulletin Of 30th October30th October, 2017Bulletin of 30th OctoberBulletin of 30th OctoberPoonaClick To View
77Bulletin Of 23rd October23rd October, 2017Bulletin of 23rd OctoberBulletin of 23rd OctoberPoonaClick To View
78Bulletin Of 16th October16th October, 2017Bulletin of 16th OctoberBulletin of 16th OctoberPoonaClick To View
79Darpan Monthly Club Bulletin Installation Special Issue11th November, 2017Darpan monthly club bulletin Installation special issueDarpan is our clubs monthly club bulletinPune KatrajClick To View
80Club Bulletin No 14 Dated 2nd November 20172nd November, 2017Club Bulletin No 14 dated 2nd November 2017Club Bulletin No 14Pune MetroClick To View
81October Bulletin1st October, 2017October BulletinOctober BulletinPoona WestClick To View
82October 2017 Bulletin14th October, 2017October 2017 BulletinOctober 2017 West WordsPoona WestClick To View
83August 20171st August, 2017August 2017West Words August 2017Poona WestClick To View
84July II 201715th July, 2017July II 2017Westwords July II 2017Poona WestClick To View
85July 1 Bulletin1st July, 2017July 1 BulletinWest Words July I 2017Poona WestClick To View
86September 2017 Bulletin10th September, 2017September 2017 BulletinWest Words RCPW Bulletin September 2017Poona WestClick To View
87Maitra Diwali 201713th October, 2017Maitra Diwali 2017Maitra Diwali AnkPune SahawasClick To View
88PRATIMA Issue 829th October, 2017PRATIMA Issue 8Our club bulletin PRATIMA Issue 8Pune-KothrudClick To View
89PRATIMA Issue 715th October, 2017PRATIMA Issue 7This issue covers the RI monthly theme, interesting article on Food Safari by Rtn Vandana in Travelogue segment, Live interview of Mr. Sanjay Katkar, CTO & MD Quick Heal in Ek Mulakhat, club activities in last fortnight and our new segment Know your Rotarian - Professionals. WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY DIWALI !!Pune-KothrudClick To View
90PRATIMA Issue 629th September, 2017PRATIMA Issue 6Our club bulletin Pratima Issue 6Pune-KothrudClick To View