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91Club Bulletin No 17 Dated 14th December 201714th December, 2017Club Bulletin No 17 dated 14th December 2017Club Bulletin no 17Pune MetroClick To View
92Club Bulletin No 16 Dated 30th November 201730th November, 2017Club Bulletin No 16 dated 30th November 2017Club Bulletin no 16Pune MetroClick To View
93RC Panvel Bulletin Dec 1715th December, 2017RC panvel Bulletin Dec 17Club Bulletin December-17Panvel MidtownClick To View
94Bulletin Of 1st Jan 20181st January, 2018Bulletin of 1st Jan 2018Bulletin of 1st Jan 2018PoonaClick To View
95Central Turf December 23 201723rd December, 2017Central Turf December 23 2017R'Anns, Rotarians, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing!!Pune CentralClick To View
96Central Turf December 16 201716th December, 2017Central Turf December 16 2017R'Anns, Rotarians, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing!!Pune CentralClick To View
97Central Turf December 9 20179th December, 2017Central Turf December 9 2017R'Anns' Rotarians, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing!!Pune CentralClick To View
98Central Turf December 2 20172nd December, 2017Central Turf December 2 2017R'Anns, Rotarians, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing!!Pune CentralClick To View
100ROTALINK 1314th December, 2017ROTALINK 13ROTALINK 13Poona DowntownClick To View
101ROTALINK 1230th November, 2017ROTALINK 12ROTALINK 12Poona DowntownClick To View
102ROTALINK 1116th November, 2017ROTALINK 11ROTALINK 11Poona DowntownClick To View
103ROTALINK 102nd November, 2017ROTALINK 10ROTALINK 10Poona DowntownClick To View
104ROTALINK 919th October, 2017ROTALINK 9ROTALINK 9Poona DowntownClick To View
105ROTALINK 85th October, 2017ROTALINK 8ROTALINK 8Poona DowntownClick To View
106ROTALINK 721st September, 2017ROTALINK 7ROTALINK 7Poona DowntownClick To View
107ROTALINK 67th September, 2017ROTALINK 6Rotalink issue 6Poona DowntownClick To View
108Dec 2017 Bullettin20th December, 2017Dec 2017 BullettinDec 2017 BullettinPoona WestClick To View
109Bulletin Of 18th Dec 201718th December, 2017Bulletin of 18th Dec 2017Bulletin of 18th Dec 2017PoonaClick To View
110PUSH DG Visit 11 Dec Issue11th December, 2017PUSH DG Visit 11 Dec IssuePUSH DG Visit 11 Dec IssuePune ShivajinagarClick To View
111DI VISIT PUSH ISSUE11th December, 2017DI VISIT PUSH ISSUEDG Visit PUSH issue . You can also view all PUSH issues from the link in this bulletinPune ShivajinagarClick To View
112Bulletin Of 11th Dec 201711th December, 2017Bulletin of 11th Dec 2017Bulletin of 11th Dec 2017PoonaClick To View
113Bulletin Of 4th December4th December, 2017Bulletin of 4th DecemberBulletin of 4th Dec 2018PoonaClick To View
114GLASSLAND OCTOBER25th September, 2015GLASSLAND OCTOBERSPECIALRECOGNITION Rotary Club Of Talegaon Dabhade and Club President Rtn. Mahesh Mahajan was specially recognized given an award certificate awarded by District on 14th October for the PHC project (वयकायी दलाखाना) done at Talegaon Dabhade. This project news appeared on the first page of District news Bulletin which represents 132 clubs.Talegaon DabhadeClick To View
115GLASSLAND SEPTEMBER28th August, 2015GLASSLAND SEPTEMBERThe history of Paul Harris Fellow recognition The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of US$1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.It was established in 1957 to show appreciation for and encourage substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation‟s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships.Talegaon DabhadeClick To View
116GLASSLAND AUGUST21st August, 2015GLASSLAND AUGUSTEDITORIAL Welcome to the second edition of Glassland, 2017. The Silver Jubilee year started with a Bang! Our Club started this year with working on some very important issues concerning Talegaon Dabhade and surrounding area. Many of us have worked hard for the key projects that were started in July. This year’s motto for Rotary is MAKING A DIFFERENCE! And we already started to make a difference with various Social initiatives. Let us keep up the pace and participate in upcoming projects and events. Also, let us extend a warm welcome to the new members joining our Rotary family. This year in August we will be celebrating the 71st Independence Day. I am sure we all will be celebrating it in a special way befitting our Silver Jubilee Year. Happy August and Happy Monsoon to all !!Talegaon DabhadeClick To View
117GLASSLAND JULY21st July, 2017GLASSLAND JULYMESSAGE FROM OUR DISTRICT GOVERNER - Further, I hope this initiative will be embraced even after my tenure. Several clubs in District 3131 have initiated planning and engagement of activities for 2017-18. Undoubtedly, these activities will further empower our District. We have enormous potential as individuals, but as a team we raise the potential to infinity.Talegaon DabhadeClick To View
118Oct 201729th October, 2017Oct 2017October 2017 campenPune CampClick To View
119October 201713th October, 2017October 2017October 2017Pune PrideClick To View
120September 201722nd September, 2017September 2017September 2017Pune PrideClick To View