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91November 201730th November, 2017November 2017Activities of the month of November 2017Pune UniversityClick To View
92September 201731st August, 2017September 2017Activities of the month of september 2017Pune UniversityClick To View
93August 201731st August, 2015August 2017Activities of the month of August 2017Pune UniversityClick To View
94July 201731st July, 2015July 2017activities of the month of July 2017Pune UniversityClick To View
95Bulletin 613th December, 2017Bulletin 6Bulletin 6Pune Laxmi RoadClick To View
96Bulletin 425th October, 2017Bulletin 4Bulletin 4Pune Laxmi RoadClick To View
97Rochak28th February, 2018RochakRochak Feb.2018Akurdi PuneClick To View
98Bulletin 828th February, 2018Bulletin 8Bulletin 8Pune Laxmi RoadClick To View
99Central Turf March 4 20184th March, 2018Central Turf March 4 2018R'Anns, Rotarians, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing......Pune CentralClick To View
100Club Bulletin Of 5th March 20185th March, 2018Club Bulletin of 5th March 2018Club Bulletin of 5th March 2018PoonaClick To View
101February 20181st March, 2018February 2018Rotary Club of Pune CampPune CampClick To View
102GLASSLAND FEBRUARY23rd February, 2018GLASSLAND FEBRUARYMEETINGS AND PROJECTS [February] 2 February BOD Meeting 23 February General Body MeetingTalegaon DabhadeClick To View
103ROCHAK31st January, 2018ROCHAKRochak Jan.2018Akurdi PuneClick To View
104GLASSLAND JANUARY10th January, 2018GLASSLAND JANUARYMEETINGS AND PROJECTS [January] 13 January Ann's Meeting [RPL] 19 January Fellowship Meeting ANNsTalegaon DabhadeClick To View
105Club Bulletin Of 26th Feb 201826th February, 2018Club Bulletin of 26th Feb 2018Club Bulletin of 26th Feb 2018PoonaClick To View
106Central Turf February 24 201824th February, 2018Central Turf February 24 2018R'Anns, Rotarians,, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing……Pune CentralClick To View
107Rotavision3rd December, 2017Rotavisionmonthly club bulletinPradhikaran PuneClick To View
108Rotavision2nd November, 2017rotavisionmontjly bulletin novPradhikaran PuneClick To View
109Rotavision3rd October, 2017rotavisionclub bulletin rotavisionPradhikaran PuneClick To View
110Rotavision Sept1st September, 2015rotavision septrotavision sept copyPradhikaran PuneClick To View
111KHINDWAVES August Issue8th September, 2017KHINDWAVES August IssueThe second Issue of Club Bulletin Khindwaves in the year 2017-18 was published in the month of September. The issue covers various projects done by the club in the month of August. It also covers the information about the weekly meetings.Pune GaneshkhindClick To View
112Central Turf February 17 201817th February, 2018Central Turf February 17 2018R'Anns, Rotarians, The Central Turf for the week Happy browsing....Pune CentralClick To View
113Club Bulletin No 24 Dated 15th February 201815th February, 2018Club Bulletin no 24 dated 15th February 2018Club Bulletin no 24Pune MetroClick To View
114Club Bulletin No 23 Dated 1st February 20181st February, 2018Club Bulletin no 23 dated 1st February 2018Club Bulletin no 23Pune MetroClick To View
115Club Bulletin No 22 Dated 25th January 201825th January, 2018Club Bulletin no 22 dated 25th January 2018Club Bulletin no 22Pune MetroClick To View
116February 201816th February, 2018February 2018RCPP Bulletine February 2018Pune PrideClick To View
117December 20178th January, 2018December 2017RCPP Bulletine December 2017Pune PrideClick To View
118GLASSLAND DECEMBER1st December, 2017GLASSLAND DECEMBERBicycle Distribution, 3 November 2017 Rotary & POSCO together donated 107 bicycles to needy Primary school students from Maval area. Rtn. Sunil Shelke was Project Chairman.Talegaon DabhadeClick To View
119GLASSLAND NOVEMBER1st November, 2017GLASSLAND NOVEMBERPROJECTS / EVENTS - October 2017 3 November Ann's Meeting 10 November General Body Meeting 11, 12 November RYLA 17 November Fellowship Meeting 25 November BOD MeetingTalegaon DabhadeClick To View
120Central Turf February 10 201810th February, 2018Central Turf February 10 2018R'Anns, Rotarians, Here is the Central Turf for the week. Happy browsing!!!Pune CentralClick To View