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Rotary International District 3131


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121Rotalink Isue 1310th January, 2019Rotalink Isue 13Fortnightly eBulletinPoona DowntownClick To View
122Sahyadri Mar 1916th March, 2019Sahyadri mar 19The 8th club bulletin for the year 18-19 was published on 16th march - DG Visit day. The publication was done at the hands of District First Lady Dr. Shobhana Palekar. Incidentally the Bulletin's editor is Club's First Lady Prajakta JerePune PashanClick To View
123Darpan No 515th March, 2019Darpan no 5Darpan issue no 5 was publishedPune KatrajClick To View
124RCPP August 18 Issue5th August, 2018RCPP August 18 issueRCPP August 18 issuePune PrideClick To View
125Varta 0217th March, 2019Varta 02Varta 02 is our Club Bulletin for the month March 2019, highlighting events of Feb. 2019.Pune Vibrant EastClick To View
126MidWheelExpressMar191st March, 2019MidWheelExpressMar19March 2019 E BulletinPanvel MidtownClick To View
127MidWheelExpressFeb191st February, 2019MidWheelExpressFeb19The Club e-bulletin for Feb 2019Panvel MidtownClick To View
128Sahyadri December 201830th November, 2018Sahyadri December 2018December 18 bulletin was published by Editor Prajakta in the first week of jan at The hands of PDG Deepak ShikarpurPune PashanClick To View
129RCPP Feb19 Issue24th February, 2019RCPP Feb19 issueRCPP Feb19 issuePune PrideClick To View
130RCPP Sep18 Issue14th October, 2018RCPP Sep18 issueRCPP Sep18 issuePune PrideClick To View
131RCPP Nov18 Issue23rd November, 2018RCPP Nov18 issueRCPP Nov18 issuePune PrideClick To View
132Panorama4th March, 2019panoramapanorama for 4th march 19Pune ParvatiClick To View
133Southern Star 84th February, 2019southern star 8bulletin 8Pune SouthClick To View
134Southern Star 74th January, 2019southern star 7bulletin 7Pune SouthClick To View
135Southern Star 65th December, 2018southern star 6bulletin 6Pune SouthClick To View
136Jan 20194th January, 2019Jan 2019Bulletin for month of Jan 2019Pune EastClick To View
137November December 20184th January, 2019November December 2018Bulletin for the month of Nov- Dec 2018Pune EastClick To View
138Oct 20182nd November, 2018Oct 2018For the month of Oct 18Pune EastClick To View
139Club Bulletin7th September, 2018Club BulletinBulletin for the months July-Aug 2018Pune EastClick To View
140Pasaydan 5 Mar 20195th March, 2019Pasaydan 5 Mar 2019Pasaydan 5 Mar 2019Pune Gandhi BhavanClick To View
141Rochak December29th December, 2018Rochak DecemberThe rochak club bulletin for the month of December was provided during the family night on the 29th. we had wonderful events again where members enjoyed going to trecks, taking a short course on meditation. Teachers training was also conducted and the Sukanya Project kickstartedAkurdi PuneClick To View
142Rotalink Issue 1021st February, 2019Rotalink Issue 10Fortnightly e-BulletinPoona DowntownClick To View
143Panorama25th February, 2019panoramaclub buletin panoramaPune ParvatiClick To View
144Panorama18th February, 2019panoramapanoramaPune ParvatiClick To View
145Arpan5th September, 2018ArpanArpan Sept 2018Pune RoyalClick To View
146Varta 011st February, 2019Varta 01Varta 01 - has been the first Bulletin of our Club. We have inserted our club developments from Charter Presentation to date. Very Informative and well developedPune Vibrant EastClick To View
147Club Bulletin January 20195th January, 2019Club Bulletin January 2019Club Bulletin January 2019PimpriClick To View
148Club Bulletin December 185th February, 2019Club Bulletin December 18Club Bulletin December 18PimpriClick To View
149Club Bulletin February 201912th February, 2019Club Bulletin February 2019Club Bulletin February 2019PimpriClick To View
150Tejovalaya For November 20189th January, 2019Tejovalaya for November 2018Club Bulletin for November 2018Pune LokmanyanagarClick To View