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SuhanaSafar an impact creating and Innovative Public Image Singing event at Senior Citizens Association of Pune Central Bund Garden by Pune Amanora

15 Apr, 2018

Beneficiaries : 357

Cost : 5000

President :

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
The singer Rotary members of SuhanaSafar group of Rotary club of Pune Amanora held a singing event for the benefit of 350+ senior citizens of Senior Citizens' Association of Pune Central at Bund Garden. The event went very well, the house packed with the members and the other people had to adjust their seats outside the main hall. With the selection of songs, mainly old Hindi songs, they were mesmerized and could not resist dancing, screaming and whistling. There were demands for once mores many times and hence had to extend the scheduled time. SuhanaSafar's theme to provide happiness and bring smiles to the needy community of the Society was in true sense served as the members thoroughly enjoyed.

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