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Rotary International District 3131

Tree Plantation and Seed Ball Making and Tossing it UP for Germination by Kharghar Midtown

Tree Plantation and Seed Ball Making and Tossing it UP for Germination
07 Jul, 2019

Beneficiaries : 600

Cost : 8000

President : Sapna Modi

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner :

Description :
Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown and Rotary Club of Panvel Horizon and Rotary Club of Panvel Elite in association with Greenathon is planning to plant large numbers of trees at Seal Ashram area. Request you to please join us in large numbers. It is been evident that environment is depleting day by day. The growing amount of air pollution caused by the smoke emitted by vehicles and factories can be controlled only if we plant more and more trees. A famous quote reads, “Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals we’d be planting so many trees, we’d probably save the planet. Too bad they only produce oxygen we breathe”. It is sad how we have grown so accustomed to technology that we overlook the harmful impact it is having on our environment. Even when the importance of tree plantation is so evident, there are only a handful of people who take it as their responsibility to indulge in this activity. The rest are so engrossed in their lives that they do not understand that without enough trees around we wouldn’t be able to live long. It is time we must recognize the importance of tree plantation and contribute our bit towards the same. Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown, Rotary Club of Panvel Horizon, Rotary Club of Panvel Elite, Rotary Club of Kamothe, Rotary Club of Kalamboli in association with Greenathon and ITM Business School have taken this initiative of Planting around 100 trees at Seal Ashram, Nere, Panvel. This will be done on 7th July 2019, timings 2pm to 4pm. Workshop on Seedball making and Tossing will also be taken for Seal Ashram, Inmate and members We appeal all local members to join in for a great cause and seek the opportunity to plant trees by themselves.