Rotary 3131 - Meeting Details

What Societal Conditioning does to us

Meeting Details

Club Name Poona Downtown
Meeting Date 02 Sep 2021
Meeting Time 00:00:00
Location Poona Club
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic What Societal Conditioning does to us
Meeting Agenda Ms. Darshana Mazumdar is India campaign manager for million dollar vegan
Chief Guest Ms. Darshana Muzumdar
Club Members Present 45
Minutes of Meeting Breaking Barriers – What Societal Conditioning does to Us by M/s Darshana Muzumdar After a break of 18 months, the first hybrid meeting of our Club took place at Poona Club. There were over 30 members present. All efforts were made to maintain social distancing and follow the rules that are applicable for physical meetings. The speaker for the evening was Ms. Darshana Mazumdar. She is an animal rights activist and the India Campaign Manager for Million Dollar Vegan. The topic of her talk was Breaking Barriers – What societal conditioning does to us’. Her talk was focused on sharing insights about how our actions are based on our experiences and how we can make conscious informed choices to break the invisible walls that we have put up consciously. Drawing upon multiple examples, she nudged the listeners to question their core values and reflect on ideologies we may have been indoctrinated with as children. She shared her own personal experience of her upbringing and the circumstances that prompted her to turn to veganism. While encouraging the club members to research on their own, she highlighted various activities in our daily lifestyles and diets that are purely a result of societal conditioning. The foundation of her talk was based on the idea that Veganism be seen not just as a diet but as a social justice movement.