Rotary 3131 - Project Details

02-04-2019 - 02-05-2019

An art appreciation workshop was conducted for members and Anns at the art gallery "Kalasseem". The ambiance of Kalasseem provided the right setting for the topic of "art appreciation" that was discussed by Dr Naik. This was followed by "hands-on" drawing painting activity where all where provided materials like pencils, sketch pens, water colors crayons and paper to draw on and express themselves on topics provided. It was a very enjoyable, creative, innovative exercise that took many of us back to childhood. Just like the colourful canvasses that decorated the walls of the art gallery, the fellowship that followed was mouthwatering and had all flavours sweet ( ukadiche modak laced generously with tup) , salty, spicy, tangy (chat) and sweet sour (aam Panna). The beautiful fridge magnets all crafted differently and gifted to each present will remain a beautiful memory of the evening. Members went beyond drawing and sketching skills to express themselves in poetry and prose. The evening saw everyone relax and bond in a child like manner. Excellent , innovative, educative activity with a lot of bonding.

Project Details

Start Date 02-04-2019
End Date 02-05-2019
Project Cost 3000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 50
No of direct Beneficiaries 60
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Others