Rotary 3131 - Project Details

24-11-2019 - 24-11-2019

While a lot of students residing in cities are fortunate enough to have high tech gadgets and materials to support their education, there are many in remote parts of villages in India who don’t even have access to quality education. In order to help them in their journey of acquiring knowledge, Rotary Club of Panvel Elite distributed alphabets engraved slate to students of tribal villages of Pen namely Sindhalachi wadi and Kaveli wadi on 24th November, 2019. 200 slates with alphabets and numbers engraved in local language (Marathi) were donated. Slates help children to improve their handwriting. The slates were sponsored by Rtn. Neeraj Kothari.

Project Details

Start Date 24-11-2019
End Date 24-11-2019
Project Cost 4000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 3
No of direct Beneficiaries 200
Partner Clubs Rotary Community Corps Borgaon Elite
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category