DGN Santosh Marathe Rotary 3131

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District Governor 2025-2026

Santosh Marathe Rotary District Governor 3131

DGE Santosh Marathe

District Governor 2025-2026

DGND Rtn Santosh Marathe who joined Rotary Club of Poona West in January 1996 is a second-generation Rotarian – his father Late Madhubhau Marathe was the Chartered Treasurer of RC Poona West in RY 1969-70. He served in Rotary for 45 years. Rtn Santosh was the President in 2000-01.

Over the years, his unwavering commitment and remarkable contributions have nothing short of extraordinary. His distinguished service within the District has been sought after, with numerous District Governors humbly requesting his invaluable expertise.

Having collaborated with over 15 DGs of 3130/3131, Rtn Santosh stands adorned with a treasure trove of experiences and insights, fostering profound growth and collective progress.

He has established 103 Happy schools under his visionary leadership in the past 5 years, which is ha testament to his unwavering dedication to the betterment of education. Through his Club's resolute efforts, countless lives have been transformed, illuminating a brighter path for the young minds of tomorrow .

A paragon of knowledge and expertise, Rtn Santosh has graciously conducted numerous enlightening sessions for various clubs, providing invaluable guidance the their BOD and Committees.

Besides him stands his beloved wife, PP Rtn Dr Tanuuja, a distinguished serving AG in current RY. With the dawn of the coming year, she is all set to assume the role of Co-Director Global Grants, fortifying their joint commitment to Rotary's global initiatives.

Both Rtn Santosh and PP Dr Tanuuja are independently Major Donor Level 1 to TRF and together are level 2 Major Donor to TRF.

His company Phoenix Knowledge Management Pvt. Ltd. has been providing customized enterprise applications in Finance, Supply Chain, Analytics using a US Patented Digital Ledger (Pvt Permissioned Blockchain) technology to large corporates including ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Asian Paints, Anchor, TAFE to name a few.

Beyond the realms of Rotary, Rtn Santosh's passion for nature, marine ecology, wildlife, birdwatching, environment education, awareness and nature photography has unfolded since 1979.

He has led and conducted many Nature Camps for Children in Maharashtra, UP and HP. Each camp hosting a minimum of 50 students of age group 10-18, has kindled the flame of environmental consciousness, nurturing the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Furthermore, Rtn Santosh has actively participated in Leopard census camps with Forest Dept. at Bhimashankar.

In every facet of his life, Rtn Santosh Marathe embodies the epitome of true Rotarian- dedicated, compassionate, and tirelessly committed to effecting positive change. Is exceptional leadership, boundless goodwill and unwavering belief in Rotary's transformative power serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to join in the noble quest of creating a better World.