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Rotary District 3131 is a district of Rotary International, dedicated to tackling various humanitarian challenges and promoting goodwill and peace. Rotary District 3131 covers Pune & Raigad revenue districts of Maharashtra.

The district consists of 144 Rotary clubs, and more than 5800 active members belonging to different l professionals and community who come together to carry out service projects and foster fellowship. These clubs work collaboratively to implement Rotary's mission at the local level.


It has the unique distinction of working in ALL seven focus areas of Rotary

During the Rotary Year 2023-24, it is vital for our dist. to reflect upon the power of hope and its ability to transform lives. Hope fuels dreams, inspires action, and ignites change. At Rotary, We are people of action, and behind that action is care, compassion, empathy, and inclusion. Through interesting meetings, impactful projects, engaging activities and the dedication of members, Dist 3131 will be a beacon of hope, fostering positive change and transforming communities across the globe.

This year District has identified thrust areas & shall work on projects like pediatric cardiac surgeries, providing lifesaving surgeries to children suffering from congenital heart diseases, Happy anganwadis to promote hygiene and sanitation, and empower teachers with training, implement innovative techniques of bore well recharge for a sustainable and water-secure future, promoting sustainable practices such as waste management, renewable energy adoption, green cover, up cycling etc and protect our precious natural resources.

As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, RID 3131 introduces Rotary Green Friday, a global call to action. This initiative encourages each one to dedicate every Friday to activities such as avoiding use of AC, Reduce use of Tissue papers, using motion sensors for lights in common areas etc


Our dist is a mega contributor to TRF. The potential & Magic of TRF is well known in the District. The Rotary Foundation will go a long way in rehabilitating people by financing to bigger, bolder projects, & global grants. & thus create hope for them

The District has a strong corporate connect which enables big projects to be undertaken under CSR initiatives. This has been especially useful for helping improve the infrastructure in schools and villages & communities


Besides, the district organizes regular events, including district conferences, training seminars. These events provide opportunities for Rotarians to network, share best practices, and collaborate on initiatives


Through collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment, Rotarians in our district will create positive change that resonates across generations. Together, we can make a difference and create a world filled with hope, compassion and sustainable progress.







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Anil Parmar Rotary District Governor 3131

Manjoo Phadke

District Governor 2023-2024

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Gordon Rotary International President from India


RI President

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DGND Shital Shah

DGE Shital Shah

District Governor 2024-2025

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DGN Santosh Marathe

District Governor 2025-2026

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