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17-08-2022 - 29-08-2022

Considering the responsibility of every learned and educated person, we completed one more project in our interact club where 17 students were not in position to pay their school fees were about to remove / expel from the school. Few of these students lost their parents and few students' parents lost their jobs during Corona period. Therefore these students were about to miss the basic school education which would have been unfortunate situation. When we heard of this, we requested our club members to come forward to contribute voluntarily. To our surprise, the annets of the club members came forward and contributed generously from their earnings. A cheque of Rs. 48,000/- was handed over to the school authorities on 29th August 2022 covering the fees of these 17 students and thereby reopening the school doors for them. It is a matter of satisfaction to see that the generosity and “giving” culture is inculcated in the next generation. The appreciation for the generosity was extended to annets Palavele, Sushrut Kerulkar, Mehul Malpani, Ishani and Nihal Wahegaonkar - Joglekar, Mayuresh Gokhale, Sanat and Sakshi Munot and Sushrut Mankani.

Public Image Avenue Details

Start Date 17-08-2022
End Date 29-08-2022
Cost 48000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 30
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners Baba Maharaj Sahastrabuddhe School
Category Digital medium-FB/Insta/Youtube/, Others