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10-07-2023 - 10-07-2023

The Rotary Club of Pune Synergy recently embarked on their first project, "Padhenge to Badhenge," with a heartwarming initiative. They organized a books donation drive and partnered with Radio One to spread the joy of reading among the underprivileged. Recognizing the transformative power of education, the club aimed to enhance access to books and knowledge for children who lacked resources. The project received an overwhelming response from the community, with numerous individuals generously contributing books. This endeavor not only nurtured a love for reading but also opened doors of opportunity for countless young minds, empowering them to dream big and create a brighter future. on account of this Radio one took interview of President.

Public Image Avenue Details

Start Date 10-07-2023
End Date 10-07-2023
Cost 2000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 36
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Non Rotary Partners
Category Publication/Print media