Rotary 3131 - Public Image Avenue Details

01-07-2023 - 09-07-2023

Our Project featured in Rotary news Magazine in August month editionRotary Club of Patalganga successfully completed its 1st Signature Project of RY 2023-24 *Rain Water Harvesting * Method used: Increasing the catchment area for collection of rainwater Advantage: Increasing Ground water level by collection/percolation and utilisation of water for agricultural/ domestic purposes.

Public Image Avenue Details

Start Date 01-07-2023
End Date 09-07-2023
Cost 15000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 92
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Category Digital medium-FB/Insta/Youtube/, Electronic medium- radio/theatre advertisement/ cable tv, Others, Physical displays (Hoardings/Bilboards), Publication/Print media