Rotary 3131 - Public Image Avenue Details

28-11-2023 - 28-11-2023

Our PN Rtn. Devdatta Hambardikar's is currently in Kitchener, situated approximately 100km from Toronto, Canada. He visited RC of Waterloo, Canada on November 28th. The club's president, Rtn Carol Parsons, extended a warm welcome to him for their special 'Membership Drive' meeting that day. The District Governor, Rtn Brenda Halloran, who is also a member of the same club, graced the meeting with her presence. Prez Carol introduced Devdatta to DG Brenza. Prez Carol presented a concise summary of his visit and some insights about our club, which she had gathered from our website. Devdatta subsequently presented our club's flag to Prez Carol, in presence of AG Paul and DG Brenza, as a memento of our club representative's visit.

Public Image Avenue Details

Start Date 28-11-2023
End Date 28-11-2023
Cost 12000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 5
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Category Others