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01-12-2023 - 31-12-2023

The primary objective of the Cancer Awareness and Detection Session organized by the QMTI Rotary Club of Pune Camp was to educate and create awareness among the soldiers of the QMTI about various types of cancers, their detection, and preventive measures. The event aimed to empower the participants with knowledge about different types of cancers and promote early detection for improved treatment outcomes. Event Details: The event commenced with an opening address by Col Dr. Vasant Ballewar, the Dean of QMTI. He emphasized the importance of being informed about cancer and the role of early detection in saving lives. Mrs. Archana Sharma, an esteemed personality, took charge as the anchor for the event. She introduced the speakers and provided a seamless flow to the proceedings. Padmashree Dr. Ashok Gupta was the Guest Speaker and he addressed the audience on general cancers, providing insights into common types, risk factors, and general preventive measures. Another guest speaker was Dr. Swapnil Mane from Saidham Foundation. He shared expertise on cervical cancer, focusing on its prevalence, symptoms, and the importance of regular screenings for early detection. We also had Dr. Sandeep Bipte who talked about breast cancer, covering key aspects such as self-examination, mammograms, and the significance of early intervention. Dr. Afshan Laheji (IDA President) spoke on mouth cancer, shedding light on its causes, symptoms, and preventive measures, including the importance of dental check-ups. Mrs. Archana Sharma (Sai Dham Cancer Treatment Facility) elaborated on the cancer treatment facilities available at Sai Dham, emphasizing the comprehensive approach to cancer care. An interactive Question Answer session was followed by the presentations, allowing participants to seek clarifications and additional information from the experts. Later Participants were provided with the opportunity for physical examinations and consultations on a voluntary basis. This initiative aimed to encourage proactive health management. The Cancer Awareness and Detection Session proved to be a valuable and informative event, equipping the soldiers of QMTI with knowledge about various types of cancers and the importance of early detection. The engagement of renowned speakers and the interactive nature of the event contributed to its success. The voluntary physical examinations and consultations further demonstrated the commitment of QMTI Rotary Club to the well-being of its members. The session concluded with a sense of empowerment and awareness, fostering a proactive approach towards health and well-being among the soldiers.

Public Image Avenue Details

Start Date 01-12-2023
End Date 31-12-2023
Cost 100
Rotary Volunteer Hours 100
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Non Rotary Partners Queens Mary Technical Institute Khadki
Category Electronic medium- radio/theatre advertisement/ cable tv