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12-01-2024 - 12-01-2024

Rotary Club of Panvel Symphony bestowed the prestigious Vocational Excellence Awards upon Shri Hanif Ismail Kacchi and Smt Pushpalata Ramakant Deshpande during an elegant ceremony held in Panvel on Friday, January 12, 2024. Shri Hanif Kacchi was honored for his exceptional dedication to preserving the centuries-old tradition of Bullock Cart Wheel (chakjod) manufacturing, a craft synonymous with Panvel for over 300 years. Despite a decline in demand due to rapid industrialization and technological advancements, Shri Kacchi's unwavering commitment ensures the continuity of this traditional art, upholding Panvel's legacy. At 92 years old, Smt Pushpalata Ramakant Deshpande, who completed her Midwifery course in 1957, received recognition for her remarkable service spanning five decades. Having safely delivered over 2500 babies, she traversed the length and breadth of Raigad District, reaching remote Thakarwadis, Adivasi padas, and small villages, often on foot or bullock carts, regardless of weather conditions. Her selfless dedication, devoid of any expectation of monetary compensation, reflects an unparalleled commitment to ensuring safe childbirth. Commending the Rotary Club of Panvel Symphony for identifying such exceptional individuals, ex-corporator Shri Ganesh Kadu praised the club's efforts. Rotarian Vasant Majunjkar, Director of Vocational Services in Rotary District 3131, highlighted Rotary's significant contributions to vocational services during the event. Club President Rotarian Yogeeta Deshmukh, along with Club Secretary Rotarian Meenal Dhumal, Club Vocation Service Director Rotarian Umesh Lad, and other members, expressed deep pride in recognizing the outstanding contributions of these two stalwarts. The ceremony celebrated not only the accomplishments of the awardees but also the spirit of community service and commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

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