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Happy School Project

From RY 2013-14 onwards, a few rural schools located in Chakan / Mulshi / Vadu Budruk / Hadapsar and many other areas near Pune were identified jointly by Rotary Club of Pune Central along with the CSR donor company and other donors. As part of our long-term strategic plan, it was decided to focus our attention and efforts on upgrading the classroom, learning and sanitation infrastructures in these schools progressively over three to five years. Our goal was to bring the infrastructure and facilities in these schools to a level equal to 75%~80% of the level prevailing in urban schools.

The project envisaged supporting these schools by augmenting & improving the facilities. The project’s activities have been grouped under the following categories:

  • Classroom Infrastructure upgradation by providing classroom benches for students, LED Lights for illumination, Ceiling fans for ventilation, Green boards, tables and chairs for teachers.
  • Learning Infrastructure upgradation by providing E-learning facilities, Science Laboratories, Computer laboratories, Maths Laboratories and Library facilities.
  • Sanitation Infrastructure upgradation by providing gender segregated toilets and urinals for students and teachers, hand wash stations, facility for vending & incineration of sanitary pads, and filtered drinking water facilities.
  • Other facilities like open sided shelter and dining tables for having mid-day meals; sports equipment. Open air gym equipment to enable students to exercise in groups thereby helping their overall development.
  • Teacher’s Training to upgrade their subject knowledge and impart skills relating to contemporary pedagogic and classroom management techniques.

Most of the students come from economically weak backgrounds. The school does not charge monthly tuition fees. Lack of financial resources is the most significant challenge that prevents the community from undertaking infrastructure upgradation on their own. The community relies on the generosity of donors to address these challenges. However, continuing paucity of funds over long periods has led to severe degradation of the existing facility besides in- adequate capacity. The proposed project seeks to address these challenges by upgrading the facilities in a progressive manner.

The classroom, learning and sanitation facilities and infrastructure available in rural schools are not only inadequate but often in rundown condition as compared to their urban counterparts. Also, the teachers lack knowledge of new pedagogic methods. These deficiencies have adverse impact on -

  • Enrolment in schools
  • Attendance
  • Continuing of school education
  • Academic performance (Scores in examinations)
  • Overall proficiency and competence of students
  • Number of students seeking enrolment in colleges for professional / vocational programs

Till date 50+ schools have been upgraded under the Happy School project with an expenditure of ~Rs.9 crores which is benefitting over 50,000 students.