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Meeting Details

Meeting Date 08 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 07:00:00
Location On line
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic As per Agenda
Meeting Agenda As per Agenda
Chief Guest
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 11
Minutes of Meeting As per agenda

Meeting Date 08 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 17:00:00
Location Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Ganeshkhind rd. Pune 411007
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic CSR presentation
Meeting Agenda As circulated
Chief Guest Dr. Anil Dhaneshwar
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 43
Minutes of Meeting A very interesting and informative session by an experienced Rotarian. Everyone got to know a lot during this meeting about CSR and new projects and how to approach for CSR funding

Meeting Date 08 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location Gandhi Bhavan, Kothrud, Pune
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Nomination Committee Election.
Meeting Agenda To Elect nomination committee to assist PE to finalise board members for RY 23-24
Chief Guest PP Amruta Election officer
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 37
Minutes of Meeting Nomination Committe Election was conducted as scheduled. PP Rtn. Amruta was an election officer. She explained the need of this exercise and ON LINE voting was done. PE Girish and Ann Vidya performed Winning performence of Jalava which was performed during Pre- Pets.

Meeting Date 08 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 20:00:00
Location Rtn Uday Thatte's residence
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD Meeting 5
Meeting Agenda Meeting called to order and welcome. President Rtn.Namita • To approve Minutes of Last Meeting Secretary Rtn Atul • Review of Activities of the club President Rtn. Namita • Service Projects : - Rtn Vivek Kulkarni. Review of projects planned and done in November. Inform about projects to be undertaken during the decemeber . • Club Administation - Rtn Vaishali Lupane Review of program planned and done in Novemebr. Inform about club programs for the month of the Decemeber • Youth Service : - Rtn Vidya Patil Review of program planned and done in Novemeber.Inform about the Youth sevice activities for the month of the decemebr. • Membership Development : - Rtn Sameer Prabhune Plan for the number of members for the year. • Public Image Director: - Rtn Ganesh Hadake Review of program planned and done inNovemebr.Inform about the Public sevice activities for the month of theDecemeber. • The Rotary Foundation: -Rtn Meeenatai Ghaisasi Plan for the amount to be given for foundation till D.G visit. Present Status of our club members who have donated for foundation. • Vocational Director : - Rtn Rupali Bajaj Review of program planned and done in November.Inform about the Vocational sevice activities for the month of the December • Treasurer : - Rtn Uday Thattee. Status of account of club. Status of account of trust. Expenses incurred till now. • I.T : - Rtn Asmita Status of projects uploaded on relevant platforms. • Director Special Projects : -Rtn Nitin Naik • Review of program planned and done in Novemeber.Inform about the Special sevice activities for the month of theDecember • Director Finanace : -Rtn Abhay Bhise Raise Funds for the planned projects. Increase the corpus of the club. • Plan for A.G and D.G visit. • Each Director to give the Budget required for next six months. • Counsellor Remark . – Rtn Ajit Kulkarni • Trainers Remark - Rtn Ram Kutwal • Any other point with the permission of chair. • Vote of Thanks - Rtn Milind Kulkarni.
Chief Guest NA
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 15
Minutes of Meeting • The meeting started at 8.00 pm. President Rtn. Namita Naik welcomed all the members of the Board for the fifth BOD meeting. of the year .She shared her views regarding the various activities and programme carried out in the month of November.She said that efforts have to put to make A.G and D.G visit a great success. She said that 4 member of our club are going to the car rally.Rtn Namita/rtn Ketki,Rtn Smita,Rtn Asmita/Rtn Pradeep.also the district has requested to welcome the rally when they come back to pune.Rtn Ram has coordinated to provide the venue. All members agreed to the above. • Secretary Rtn. Atul gave the status of attendance and other activities In October and Novemebr • The Minutes of the last BOD were read and confirmed . Proposed by Rtn Vaishali Seconded by Rtn Milind. • Views of major activities and programmes to be conducted were shared by different directors. • Service Projects: Director Rtn Vivek Kulkarni Director Rtn Vivek updated about the projects in October. The projects planned for November are a joint project with RD 3030 for sewing machines.also we are planning to give Dialysis machine . • Club Administration: Director Rtn Vaishali Lupane Director Rtn Vaishali Lupane updated about the programme carried out in the month of October and Novemeber Following programme were done in October 1 October : Dandiya 8 October - Kojagiri 15 October- Programe on mental stress – Rtn Ashish Tavkar 23 October – Deep Sandhya 29 october – Business Meeting-- In Every Meeting Rotary Information was given. She updated on the programmes for the month of November 5 November - Chardham Yatra—rtn vikas – 4 th dimension 12 November- A.G Visit 19 November- Annets night 24 November – D.G Visit—P.Y.C • Youth Services: Director Rtn Vidya Patil Rtn Viday updated that no activites in October. Planned to hold one day RYLA • Membership Committee: Director Rtn Sameer Prabhune Director Rtn Sameer Prabhune said No activites done. No memebrs added. • Public Image Committee: Director Rtn Ganesh Hadake. Director Rtn Ganesh Hadake was present Coverage about the projects has appeared in Sakal and many newspapers. Also good coverage in Diwali Magazine Apekaskha • The Rotary Foundation: Director Rtn Meenatai Ghasasi Director Rtn Meenatai said to appeal to all club memebers to give for foundation. • Director Vocational Service : Rtn Rupali Bajaj. Director Rupali was present. No activites planned or carried out. • Director Special Projects : Rtn Nitin Naik Rtn Nitin said that projects for next six months are consideration.we are focousing on raising funds and making project that will have a impact on society. • Finance Committee : Director Rtn Abhay Bhise Director Rtn Abhay Bhise was Absent, • Treasurer: Rtn Uday Thatte. Treasurer Rtn Uday informed as under The Balance in Club account is at Rs 1.28 lakh The Balance in Trust account is Rs 0.66 lakh Rtn uday informed that Bills are pending from Rtn Nitin. • IT: Director : /Rtn Asmita Rtn Asmita was absent All data has been uploaded on the RI Website • Club Counsellor :Rtn Ajit Kulkarni. Rtn Ajit – no comments • Club Trainer :Rtn Ram Kutwal Rtn Ram – no comments. • Other Points : As we are having ourA.G Visit on 12 November and D.G VISIT On 24 November , we have to do lot of prepartions. Rtn Pushkar raised the issue of the pending amount that has been borrowed by the club from the trust to complete the service project activity. This amount was the admin charges which are deducted by the trust from the previous Year. As the club has not returned the trust money inspite of commitment given by the club. Rtn Ram and Rtn Ajit said that as the money was not used for personal purpose the money should be tried to be returned before 30 june 23. The BOD meeting for Decemeber – Rtn Meena will be host. The meeting ended at 9 pm with vote of thanks to the host and all members for attending the meeting by P.E Rtn Milind Kulkarni

Meeting Date 08 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 18:30:00
Location Deccan Royale
Meeting Type Club Assembly
Meeting Topic Annual Visit of the D.G. Dr Anil Parmar
Meeting Agenda From To Activity 18.30 18.32 Welcome of DG First Segment. Meeting with President, President Elect and Secretary 18.32 18.45 Meeting With President & Secretary 18.45 18.55 Strategic Planning Meeting with President, PE & IPP Second Segment Club Assembly 18.55 19.15 Board of Directors 19.15 19.30 Presidents of Rotaractors 19.30 19.45 Break Segment 3 Public Meeting 19.45 19.50 Meeting Called to Order National Anthem 19.50 19.55 Calling Dignitaries on Dias District Governor Rtn Dr Anil Parmar Assistant Governor Rtn Tanuuja Marathe 19.55 20.05 Welcome and Presidential Address 20.05 20.15 Felicitation of guests Dr. Rtn Anil Parmar First Lady Rtn Dr Hema Parmar A.G Rtn Tanuuja Marathe A.A.G Rtn Ankush Parekh Release of E Bulletin Felicitation of Rotaractors Omkar Bokil & Pushkar Patil by D.G. 20.15 20.20 1.Introduction & Pinning of Dr Arun V Jamkar as Honorary member 2 Pinning of PHF lapel pin to Rtn Sameer Bhide 3 Handing over TRF cheques to DG 20.20 20.25 Introduction of DG by AG 20.25 20.45 Address by District Governor 20.45 20.50 Vote of thanks by President Elect 20.50 20.55 Meeting to be adjourned by President
Chief Guest Dr Anil Parmar
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 30
Minutes of Meeting On 8th of November, The annual visit of District Governor was held at Hotel Deccan Royale in Royal manner. First he met President Rtn. Dr. Renu Bhardwaj and Secretary Rtn. Pradeep Kulkarni followed by interaction and explanation of projects done of Board of Directors. DG. Rtn. Dr. Anil Parmar then interacted with Rotaractors of both clubs. i.e Rotaract Club Of Modern College Ganeshkhind Pune and Rotaract Club Of GEM. He enjoyed his interaction with the Younger generation. E-Bulletin of Club was inaugurated by DG. Rtn. Dr. Anil Parmar which had been compiled by the Rotaractors of Modern College Ganeshkhind Pune who were felicitated at his hands. A Global grant project project is being started in collaboration with RCP Parvati and a Swiss Rotary Club.The club will address the problem of screening for Diabetic Retinopathy and other Preventable blindness conditions management. Another major Global grant which Uptown will be participating in is Anubandh which is in collaboration with RCP Metro which will diagnose and treat cancers Ex Vice Chancellor of Health University Maharashtra Dr Arun Jamkar was inducted as an honorary member of the club Director of Foundation PP. Rtn. Sameer Bhide got an additional PHF Lapel Pin pined by DG. Rtn. Dr. Anil Parmar. Cheques were handed over to DG. Rtn. Dr. Anil Parmar for TRF by members bringing total amount of club donations in the year to 10000 dollars. AG. Rtn. Tanuja Marathe introduced DG. Rtn. Dr. Anil Parmar and gave lucid speech on future directions for the district and the role RCP UP-TOWN could play We Rotary Club Of Pune Uptown would like to extend our regards to DG. Rtn. Dr. Anil Parmar, First Lady Rtn. Dr. Hema Parmar, AG. Rtn. Tanuja Marathe, AAG. Rtn. Ankush Parekh and all the Uptowners, Rotaractors present. Thank you for being there. Let us all together work to bring smiles into the community