Rotary 3131 - Meeting Details

Club Meeting Details

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 24 May 2023
Meeting Time 20:30:00
Location Rotary Community Hall
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Rotary Information
Meeting Agenda 1.Meeting Called to Order, National Anthem & Four way Test 2 Welcome & Happy Moments, 3.Welcome to Prospects by Sponsor 4.Glimpse of rotary history by Rtn. Dr. Nalini Ramaswamy 5.My experience with rotary- By Rotarians Anil, Dr. Ravindra, Dharmaraj, Jagtap & Dilip Oswal 6..Why rotary membership - By Rtn. Divakaran Pillai 7. Vote of Thanks & Secretarial Announcement
Chief Guest
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 17
Minutes of Meeting Meeting started with regular procedure and Happy Moments were announced. Prospective members were welcomed and introduced by the sponsored Rotarians. Then Rotarians Dr. Nalini told about Rotary's work by the club. Rotariance Anil, Dr. Ravindra, Dharmaraj, Jagtap & Dilip Oswal gave brief on My experience with rotary. and Rtn. Diwakaran Pillai gave detailed Information about Rotary and Rights of Membership, Fees and Responsibilities. After the Vote of Thanks, Secretary's Announcement was done and Meeting ended with Dinner

Meeting Date 24 May 2023
Meeting Time 08:30:00
Location Panvel Gymkhana, panvel
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Know your Blue Print of Life
Meeting Agenda Meeting Call to order National Anthem Highlights and issues discussed by President Introduction of Speaker Talk by Speaker Vote of Thanks Secretary announcement Meeting Adjourn Dinner
Chief Guest Nil
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 25
Minutes of Meeting Meeting Call to Order National Anthem Highlights by President President informed all that the GG project for Total Eye care has been approved for a total amount of USD 1,88,000. For this our club will have to contribute USd 7000. For this presently we have around Rs 9.5 Lacs in our Rotary Foundation account. As we have paid up the GST dues payments for the festival accounts for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19. for the year 2019-20 is still pending which we may have to pay this year. We have a commitment of Rs 4,5 lacs for the Happy School project and 4.5 Lacs for the Global Grant Project. We will be able to meet both of them. However we will not be left with any Corpus fund as a contingency fund. We will however make up the contigency fund from the funds that we have generated from the Panvel Festival in2022-23. This was agreed and approved by all. Talk by Speaker Roop Lakhani on " Know your Blue Print of Life" Vote of Thanks Adjourn Dinner

Meeting Date 24 May 2023
Meeting Time 20:00:00
Meeting Type Regular
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 14
Minutes of Meeting MR. MANDAR KULKARNI made the members laugh out by reciting humorous anecdotes from the famous author D.M. MIRASDAR's book in his own style. Rtn. Nitin Gadre introduce the Chief Guest and PE Minal Avachat proposed vote of thanks.

Meeting Date 24 May 2023
Meeting Time 00:00:00
Location Panvel Gymkhana, 52 Banglow Society
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Global Grant Project
Meeting Agenda Briefing the group on the status of Global Grant Project funding the project - Discussion.. Taking the project ahead.
Chief Guest na
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 12
Minutes of Meeting Minutes of the Joint BOD meeting held on 24th May 2023 at 8.00pm Present: Rtn Shirish Nandedkar, Rtn Shrikrishna Patil, Rtn Sunil Laghate, Rtn Rajan Mhatre, Rtn Dr Deepak Purohit, Rtn Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar, Rtn Rajabhau Gupte, Rtn Rajendra More, Rtn Anil Ambetkar, Rtn Kiran Parmar, Rtn Nitin Munoth. 1. President Shirish Nandedkar informed the group about the approval of our Global Grant Project GG 2346555 and hence this meeting to discuss on the details of project and its implementation. 2. He informed all that the final grant is approved for 1,88,000 USD. ( 1,74,000 + 14,000 USD for Contingency) 3. He informed that we have opened a separate new account in the IDBI bank, Panvel in the name of Rotary Global Grant GG2346555 for which the signing authorities are Shirish Nandedkar, Rajendra More and Dr. Nikhil Manohar. Shirish Nandedkar is the Primary Contact for the project and Rajendra More and Dr. Nikhil Manohar are the secondary contact from our Club. 4. Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar briefed the group about the project details. We have got the approval for setting up three vision Centers. One in Mohopada, Second in Karjat and third in Badlapur. These vision centers will be fully equipped with instruments and medical staff ( Optometrists) by Laxmi Eye hospital and will be operating from Monday to Saturday from morning 9.00am to 5.00 pm daily. The Ophthalmologist will be visiting once a week on every Saturday and check all the cases which need further treatment and arrange for the treatment accordingly. 5. Patients from nearby villages will be coming here daily and they will be first checked for any abnormality and issued a card. If they require any operation either cataract or any other treatment they will be given it free. 6. In all 1600 Cataract surgeries are going to be done free of cost and also other operations like the Retina or Glaucoma etc will be operated wherever required. 7. There was a suggestion by Rajabhau Gupte that Dr. Suhas should give a presentation to all the members of our club about the scope of this project and the procedure to be followed if any one requires a treatment. It was agreed and will be planned soon. 8. It was also informed that for this GG project the Club has to contribute 7000 USD . Out of which club contributes from foundation account 5000USd and 2000 USd will be contributed by Dr. Suhas Halpurkar. 9. President informed that this year we had 11.0 Lacs + 5.0 Lacs in FD ( Festival account + Crematorium account)which were kept separate as a corpus fund. This action was discussed and implemented5after the last project of Crematorium was done and as the cost of project had got escalated all the savings in the account were used up and there was no balance for any contingency. 10. As there was no festival for last two years there was no fund generated and hence the funds generated through the Musical Program was of small amount. 11. Also as we had received the notice for GST payment for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19 which was along with the interest payment for delayed payment, it was decided to pay all the outstanding dues for GST this year which was Rs 3,97,574 and Rs 6,32,354 Total of R10, 30,000/-. This amount has been paid from these savings this year. 12. Now we are left with FD of Rs 7.0 Lacs and some cash of around Rs 2,50,000/-. This amount can be utilized to pay for our commitment for the Global grant of Rs 4,50,000 ( 5000USD) and Rs 4.5 Lacs for the Happy School project taken up and is in progress. However , if we pay up this amount then we won’t be left with any corpus fund for contingency. 13. Rtn Kiran Parmar informed that the GST payment for the year 2019-20 was still not received and may be raised this year. This could be of the order of Rs 2.0 Lacs. So provision for this should also be considered. 14. Dr Purohit suggested that anyhow we had kept this fund for contingency and as now we have already a commitment for this fund, let us pay up this from the available funds and we will again make up for the corpus fund from the Festival account that we have generated in 2022-23. Also in case we receive the notice for 2019-20 we should pay it up from the corpus that we are going to generate this year. This was agreed upon by all and approved that now we will not be left with any Corpus fund. 15. It was proposed by Dr. Purohit that the President should put this proposal in the General body meeting today and get it approved. 16. The Same was put up by President and explained to all in the meeting and was approved by all in the meeting on 24th May 2023. -------X---------