Rotary 3131 - Project Details

10-08-2020 - 18-08-2020

Digital Gurumantra - IT Skills for Smart Teaching RID 3131 LITERACY PROJECT RID 3131 Literacy Team planned and implemented an excellent, simple, practical IT/Digital Training Program for Teachers. The Training was of 5 days followed by a test to judge their acquired skills. Our Club RCPD, joined this District Project of Teachers' Training which is the first avenue of TEACH program. The beauty of the training was that it was entirely conducted through mobile phone Whatsapp groups. Rtn Anil Chadda, Director Service Projects, Non-Medical, with the help of Literacy Chair Rtn Supriya Banerjea and the RCPD team, conducted the training under the guidance of the District Team. With the initiative of our club, RCPD, totally 364 teachers were registered. We had made two Whatsapp groups. During the 5 days training (August 10 to August 14), videos of 15 IT/Digital skills were sent to the teachers through the Whatsapp groups. These videos were of very short duration and were made by experts from the District Literacy Team. Everyday, videos of three IT skills Pdf files of questions on them and a few relevant messages were sent. Teachers were asked to practise the skills and go through the questions, the answers of which were provided the next day. This program continued for five days. Then with a gap of three days, they were sent a link for online Test. The Test was objective type. Those who could score minimum 40% marks were sent a certificate, with their names, to their e-mail IDs. Teachers enjoyed the training course which they expressed through their feedback. Though we haven't got the exact number of how many from RCPD cleared the exam and got the certificates, we feel that 90% were successful, from whatever feedback we got from the teachers. At the District level, 33,000+ teachers joined the Training Program and 31,000+ teachers received the certificates. This is our first project of Literacy of the Rotary year 2020-21. Hope to have many more effective and useful projects this year.

Project Details

Start Date 10-08-2020
End Date 18-08-2020
Project Cost 5000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 40
No of direct Beneficiaries 364
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Basic education and literacy