Rotary 3131 - Project Details

01-07-2022 - 01-07-2022

Waterborne diseases are illnesses caused by microscopic organisms, like viruses and bacteria, that are ingested through contaminated water or by coming in contact with feces. Villages with improper Water, Sanitation & Hygiene systems-in-place are inviting these waterborne diseases to its community. We educated the parents of 350+ children about the common waterborne diseases, what are its causes, what are its symptoms and how one can prevent from getting infected. 200+ parents from around 16 villages around Gagode village were present. The need assessment was carried out by our RCC Team.

Project Details

Start Date 01-07-2022
End Date 01-07-2022
Project Cost 5000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 60
No of direct Beneficiaries 400
Partner Clubs RCC Borgaon Elite
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Disease Prevention and Treatment