Rotary 3131 - Project Details

14-11-2023 - 15-11-2023

The Rotary Club of Mahad organized a heartwarming event on the evening of Diwali Bhau Beej, aimed at spreading joy and warmth among the underprivileged women and children of Gondale village. The event was designed to bring a sense of festivity and care to the community during this auspicious occasion. Saree Donation: As a gesture of solidarity and support, the women of Gondale village were presented with beautiful sarees, symbolizing a gift from all the brothers within the community. This initiative aimed to uplift their spirits and bring smiles to their faces. Sweets and Chocolates Distribution: Keeping in mind the joyous spirit of Diwali, the children were gifted with an assortment of sweets and chocolates. This thoughtful gesture added a sweet touch to their celebration, spreading happiness among the young ones. The event was marked by jubilant celebrations, where the air was filled with the laughter of children and the warmth of shared moments. To enhance the festive atmosphere, firecrackers were joyfully lit, creating an ambiance of celebration and togetherness. The event proved to be a heartening success, fostering a sense of camaraderie and goodwill among the villagers of Gondale. The smiles on the faces of the women and children reflected the success of this initiative in bringing moments of happiness and cheer to their lives. This event stands as a testament to the Rotary Club of Mahad's commitment to serving the community and spreading joy during significant occasions. It embodies the spirit of giving and compassion that defines the essence of Rotary's humanitarian efforts.

Project Details

Start Date 14-11-2023
End Date 15-11-2023
Project Cost 18500
Rotary Volunteer Hours 75
No of direct Beneficiaries 40
Partner Clubs No
Non Rotary Partners No
Project Category Special Projects