Rotary 3131 - Project Details

03-08-2016 - 03-08-2016

i) Name of the Projects and avenue of work: Umbrella Distribution 3 rd Aug, 2016 at 01:00 pm to 05:30 pm (Venue – Raigad Jilha Parishad Wavandhal ) ii) Need Assessment: The students learning in the school are from very poor family & their parents are farm workers , their financial condition is hand to mouth hence they can’t afford the educational expenses. iii) Beneficiaries: 70 Students from 1st to 7th class from the school. iv) Number of Rotarians participated and involved: 7 Rotarians, 1 Anns & 7 Teachers from the Schools. v) Cost of the Projects : 15750/- vi) Sustainability: This project done by our club helped the students parents to case their children education.

Project Details

Start Date 03-08-2016
End Date 03-08-2016
Project Cost 15750
Rotary Volunteer Hours 0
No of direct Beneficiaries 70
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Basic education and literacy